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About Google plagiarism checker

What is Plagiarism checker online:

Google plagiarism checker

With the increased use of technology, we can easily get information on any topic within a fraction of seconds. The use of Plagiarism Checker anyone can easily check the duplicity of the content and see the authentic and genuine content writer get the credit of their work. In other words, the Plagiarism checker helps you to make sure your content is not duplicated and remain original for your users/audience.

Plagiarism Checker is a perfect tool to check if the content your website is already duplicate by other content writers. One must be aware that duplicate content in any of the websites would lead to a low ranking of the website with less number of visitors. Search engines will exclude any content with duplicated information and prioritize to display the content which is original and authentic and has the most accurate info for its users.

So before publishing any content in any of the search engines, we advise you to check for Plagiarism for its duplicity. There could be chances that your content is already present in the search engines and would consider your content as duplicate which will lead to low page ranking and domain authority.

How do Free Plagiarism Checker works?

For those who are using plagiarism Checker for the first time you would think this is odd. But later with the usage and familiarity with the tool, you would get help from this tool to keep your content original and duplicity free which in turn would lead to high page ranking authority to boost your visitors on an everyday basis.

This way you can make sure that all the content available for your use is original, authentic, and not copied by other content writers already.

This tool is very easy to use, all you have to do is copy the content of your post or blog to Plagiarism Checker section and click run, once you hit the check Plagiarism, this tool will take some time to check the duplicity of your content and display the result with accuracy, percentage of content which is duplicate and is already published by another writer.

Using the results shown by Plagiarism Checker, you can alter the content of your blog/post or decide to write or rephrase your entire content for your users.

So, checking Plagiarism would save your time and efforts of publishing the content and losing the domain authority of your website by excluding the risk of pushing duplicate content.


Benefits of using Free Plagiarism Checker:

If you are already in the business of content writing or posting blogs or information for your users, you must be aware of the importance of originality of the content.

As most of you are already aware all most all the search engines especially Google will penalize the websites or domain which has duplicate content in it.

It not just decreases the page ranking of your page but also lead to black list your website if the content of your website is duplicated from the other website.

Plagiarism Checker helps you to eliminate the risk of publishing duplicate content by checking the authentic of your content in various search engines including google with highest accuracy.

Checking the accuracy and originality of your content in different search engines manually was impossible task before the availability of Plagiarism Checker tool. This tool made all the content writers and publishers’ life easy to publish the content which is authentic, original and duplicity free.

If the content is original the result of which is higher visibility of your post/blog in various search engines, that will help your website to boost its authority and page ranking.

Original content will bring the more and more users to your website that way it helps you to reach your desired audience within short span of time.

Things to be considered using Free Plagiarism Checker:

With the increased benefits of content writer business, many of us would like to get into one the content writing or blogging business. Before starting with anything on blogging or posting content one must understand that there is lot of work, efforts and time that goes behind this.

You may be thinking one can easily start blogging by copying or stealing other content and changing text position by using language translator software available which help to chance the text position but those tools will mess with the meaning of the blog/post itself.

So, do not try to rely on copying others content and we advise you to be original and authentic if you want to have more number of users/visitors in the long run.


Technology has been both a miracle and a curse in terms of duplicate and plagiarism. Nowadays it has become easier to find the information on websites and search engines and copy it. People often duplicate content without any attribution, it has also become easy to identify and deal with copied content by some tools.

With free plagiarism checker tools finding duplication has become as easy as fetching information in Google. These tools can search billions of documents online, and find matches even if they are only a few words in length present on any website or a whole document. It is now only a matter of merely processing your query and giving you the results instantly.

Plagiarism’s definition is actually a straight forward task. When you use someone else’s work without crediting them or reference them, it is seen as stealing their intellectual property. Just like theft, the penalties for plagiarized work e.g text images, videos are also severe all over the world. The real problem is that most people are not even aware of what they are doing even search engines also don't rank those duplicated contents.

With our free plagiarism checker, we strive to spread awareness about content theft while letting people know what content was copied from their website. You can find countless real-life examples of plagiarism to help you identify it in the future so that you are not penalized by search engines.

Plagiarism Checker by Regulartools is a perfect platform to check content for replication, in order to verify the integrity of the content. Our free plagiarism checker is trusted by millions of people across the globe, who use it on a daily basis as a part of daily tasks.



For those who are not familiar with web technology, the problem might seem a bit odd first. Content duplication is a common practice which most of the web developers or content writers try to take benefit of and has engulfed academic institutions and virtual content developers all around.

Today, there are a lot of people who duplicate content to save their time and to get their work done as quickly as possible by stealing the content of others online. A plagiarism software on normally processes the submitted text to find the identical sections by looking into the content that is saved in the database or by looking all over the web. Our tool also has the same functionality to detect duplicate contents that are online.

Most of the plagiarism checker tools work along on the same lines. Free plagiarism checker basically functions the same as Google or any other search engine. It works to find matching words or phrases in other sources e.g on search engines and provides the best results by indicating the percentage of duplicated content present online.

To check a webpage for duplicate content manually is practically impossible, and this is what makes any free plagiarism checker software immense power to detect duplicate content. Whether you are working as an academic instructor or a web editor, this software can be the perfect solution for you to detect the plagiarized contents that may be included in the work.

The content you submit to our free plagiarism checker is scanned carefully, by all the possible mediums available like search engines and on websites. We ensure that your content must be free from any plagiarized content by highlighting the common phrases in red so that you can delete that or restructure it. If there are complete sentences that aren’t original or copied, our free Plagiarism Checker will identify the original source of the content from where it might have been copied and displays the link.


Duplicated content will definitely result in a severe penalty by search engines, especially Google. If you publish an article or web page content that is not unique or is copied, there is a higher risk of being blacklisted by Google and by other search engines. So, if your goal is to rank your site in search engine results page (SERP) higher, then it’s simply not worthwhile to publish duplicated content from other websites.

This tool is also beneficial for webmasters to check the originality of the content they are getting from their writers whether they have written the unique content or is copied. It will help them out to detect any sort of duplication, which might harm their website ranking on search engines. To ensure that you are publishing high-quality bona fide content, this is the perfect solution for you to check it before you publish.

No doubt, there are a number of great uses for this tool beyond search engine optimization as well. Students often use it to check papers for missing citations before turning their work in. Meanwhile, teachers use this free tool to check for plagiarism in assignments. You can also check your originally produced content to make sure nobody else is ripping you off. It’s a double-edged sword!

Our free plagiarism software checks sentences one by one on various search engines comparing them with already indexed content. Moreover, our plagiarism detector does not save any content in the database. You may sign up for free with us, and we will update you with our latest developments and improvements in the tools through our newsletter.

Other plagiarism checker tools are limited with the opportunity to “Go Premium” to unlock the full features. But we are providing all the features free of cost.

No catch. No strings attached. No membership required.

That’s what this tool by Small SEO Tools makes it stand out in the crowd.


Try it out now get amazed by this prodigious tool.

It is challenging to find a free plagiarism checker for teachers and students, which is not just free but also proves to be the best. The software that works behind the plagiarism checker requires time, energy, and research to build. Good plagiarism software is the one that doesn’t cost you heavily and is reliable as well.

To deliver the best quality service to our users. We have tirelessly developed one of its kind – the best tool – to satisfy the needs of the users while incorporating the best algorithm that can make sure to detect every single copied phrase in the content.


When the test is done, you’ll also be given an exact percentage that tells you about the originality of your content.

Phrases or sentences shown in red already exist online and will not pass Google plagiarism tests. You can click on the red highlighted links to look for the sources where the content is already published.

The tool for checking content is delivering some extra features to the users.

  • Plagiarism Report: You can use the “Download Report” button in results to download the plagiarism report in PDF format to save the results for future use or any legal action. You can even “Share Report” to warn students and writers to avoid such practice in the future.
  • Paraphrase Duplicate Content: Along with that, we are also providing the facility to rewrite or paraphrase the duplicated content. You can see the “Rewrite Plagiarized Content” button at the bottom of the results. Click on the button and get rid of plagiarized content in a matter of an instant.
  • Grammar Checker: If you are looking to check grammatical errors in your content. Then we are also offering an online utility that can make your content squeaky-clean. It will enhance quality while eradicating all the mistakes.
  • Unlimited Search: If you want to start a new search, it is also possible with the help of this tool. There is no limit to check your content, as you can look for duplicated content as much as you want.

Guess what? You can get all these features and more, FREE of cost.


Copying is a common practice in academic institutions. Students duplicate their assignments, thesis, research papers, and related material. Not just students but professionals also commit this crime. It could be due to a lot of reasons, such as a need to meet tight deadlines. Above all, academic instructors do not focus on developing creative writing skills in students, which leads to a lack of ability in students to write something out of the box. However, despite the fact, there are many shortcomings in the academic institutions, but still plagiarized work is not acceptable in the institutions.

Everyone must bear in mind that if we are plagiarizing work, then we may have to face serious consequences. You can get expelled from the institution or have to face legal action from the authorities as well. You need to avoid any such practice, and to write original material for your academic work. You can check your work with our free plagiarism checker online tool to avoid any circumstances that can put your academic or professional career at stake. By using this tool, you will be able to cite the sources accurately, which is important in academic writing.


Small SEO Tools offers the best free plagiarism detector that you will never come across online. We have developed our product with thorough research, considering what the users look for in a free plagiarism checker. We have implemented all the techniques and strategies to make this the best plagiarism detector free online.

We realize that students rely on plagiarism checker tools to check their papers, thesis, and essays before submitting them. Hence, we came up with free plagiarism software to help students identify duplication. This is also true for teachers and writers. Our free online plagiarism detector for students, teachers, scholars, and writers is really the best plagiarism test tool.

Webmasters and SEO professionals can also benefit from our plagiarism software, as it can help them to be sure that all the content on their website is unique. Fresh and unique content could help them rank high in search engines.

We would suggest you to always use a plagiarism checker before publishing or submitting your content online or offline to prevent any unpleasant situation.

SST’s plagiarism detector is delivering the best high-quality results to the users. So what are you waiting for? Grab your content and run through this tool to find out the duplicated phrases. It will enhance your work quality, and you will get your desired results without getting into any intricate process.